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  • Not My DJ

    Not My DJ

    We want someone other than Mario Knezevic to DJ our rounds for us at the World Sign Spinning Championship (WSSC), whether Mario gets replaced entirely as DJ for WSSC or someone else personally prepares and plays our music for our rounds.Mario has repeatedly messed up music for countless rounds...

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  • Support JJ Nakai for Arizona Player of the Year

    Support JJ Nakai for Arizona Player of the Year

    This petition is posted to show support for Jacqulynn "JJ" Nakai, senior point guard for Coconino High School Varsity Girls Basketball, to be named Girls Basketball Player of the Year by AZCentral and the AIA.  Included in this petition is an email I sent to various members of the Phoenix...

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  • New PADA League For Summer

    New PADA League For Summer

    There is a need in PADA to capture and keep those players in Summer League(SL) who are leaving as they become less competitive due to age, injury or other, shepherd those players in Uhle through a more competitive bridge to the competitiveness of SL and offer a spot to those who will never make the...

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  • Fire Fred Hoiberg.

    Fire Fred Hoiberg.

    Fred Hoiberg is the NBA's Robin Ventura. Has no idea what he's doing. Completely unqualified to coach in this league. Never should have been hired. How many times have the Bulls blown a double digit lead in his tenure here? Too many, including tonight, where we watched a 10 point lead disappear with...

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  • Fire Gar Forman and John Paxson

    Fire Gar Forman and John Paxson

         Enough is enough. I watch every single Bulls game and I am a die hard Bulls fan. I know there is a lot of you guys that are mad about the Chicago Bulls. It's time for a change. Chicago we need to stand up. Gar Forman and John Paxson need to go. We deserve better. They have had plenty...

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  • Bring back Kroy Biermann to the Atlanta Falcons

    Bring back Kroy Biermann to the Atlanta Falcons

    Admit it -- if our defense was better, our record would be WAYYYY better than 7-5 right now. We were already thin on defense when the season started, then we lost Sean Weatherspoon. Paul Worrilow is finally back, but doesn't appear to be 100%. With Trufant out as well, we need someone who KNOWS Atlanta...

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  • Winter Spartan Hurricane Heat

    Winter Spartan Hurricane Heat

    AROO SPARTANS!In case you hadn't heard, Spartan Race once hosted a Spartan Race in Slovakia... in the middle of winter! Now Spartan Race is bringing the legendary Winter Spartan Race to the USA!On March 4th 2017, Spartan Race will bring the Winter Sprint to Greek Peak in Cortland NY. This is a great...

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  • Cut nelson agholor

    Cut nelson agholor

    ​​Due To Nelson Agholors inability to catch an NFL pass we "The Philadelphia Eagles Fans" believe he is either A) Scared of taking a hit B) Can't play at the NFL level C) Being paid to drop passes or D) ALL OF THE ABOVERegardless of the reason we "The Philadelphia Eagles Fans" want Wide Receiver...

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  • Release Flacco

    Release Flacco

    Let us come together and get this cancer off of our football team. He is emotionless and seemingly doesn't care that his contract greed forced us into a rebuilding period. It'd be acceptable if he could facilitate a drive or lead the team, but...  

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  • Banning Gambling ads

    Banning Gambling ads

    in our class we were put into groups of three, to pick an issue that is going on in australia. Sign our petition if you think gambling ads should be banned.Gambling ads is a serious problem and people are losing all their money. It is also destroying familys.Thankyoujai, Jack weir and Jack O'Connor

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  • Mandatory College Athletic HGH Testing

    Mandatory College Athletic HGH Testing

    Human Growth Hormone is a serious problem and although drug testing in college athletics is a thing, HGH is something athletes are still able take and get away with it. This is causing great harm to both their bodies and college athletics as a whole. We need to stop this now! 

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  • Overturn the Steeler Loss

    Overturn the Steeler Loss

    Dear NFL,Tonight, a travesty occurred in the NFL.  I wanted the Steelers to beat the Cowboys.  In fact, I was certain it was going to happen.  And, it should have happened.  The Steelers had more yards, more first downs, fewer penalties and fewer turnovers.  Yet, using the archaic...

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  • Upstate Titans 8U

    Upstate Titans 8U

     Upstate Titans 8-U DESERVE to play in the playoffs. Rules/Regulations in place should not be compromised during an active season.  

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  • Get New ACC Refs

    Get New ACC Refs

    The ACC has horrible refs. Apparently  the conference will not do anything unless we are heard. Sign the petition and lets make our voice's heard.

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  • Basketball court in Drayton Park

    Basketball court in Drayton Park

    This signature goes to building a basketball courts in the neighborhood of drayton park 

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  • Gerald Hurricane Hurricane Harris for The Ultimate Fighter 25

    Gerald Hurricane Hurricane Harris for The Ultimate...

    I need my friends, family, and fans to help me prove that I am qualified for this upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter.  A closed mouth never gets fed, so I am making a public plea to the UFC for the opportunity of a lifetime.  This season will feature former UFC fighters in a...

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  • Help put the TICKET back in Denver Broncos Season Tickets

    Help put the TICKET back in Denver Broncos Season...

    This petition is to get the Denver Broncos organization to resume sending hard tickets to their season ticket holders for all home games in the 2017-18 season and beyond. We can appreciate that the organization wants to keep up with the technology, but receiving hard tickets should be an option...

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  • Help to obtain MLB Product License

    Help to obtain MLB Product License

    I created Personalized Game Day Posters and Photos called FanPix for Major League Baseball fans.  FanPix commemorates their special day at the ballpark where each product includes the fan's own photo and personalized message along with key highlights of the day's game.  The poster is 16x20...

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  • Let Vin Scully Call the World Series

    Let Vin Scully Call the World Series

    It's Vin Scully's 67th and final year as the broadcaster for the Dodgers. It's only right that he should call the Dodger home games for the World Series of the Dodgers do in fact make it. Let's make it happen guys!

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  • Blackout TCU 2016

    Blackout TCU 2016

    We all know that the blackout game is pretty much the highlight of every football season. It's the most hype game every year, win or lose. So why stop now? Plus, we all hate TCU, so this is the perfect opportunity to blackout our arch rival...duh. ALSO, who doesn't look good in black????? ALSO ALSO...

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